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Dance aims for softer physicality, making movements more available to change and allowing a broader range of movement qualities, using as little effort as possible. Gong fu facilitates the body in finding movement efficiency through repetition, strengthening the body where needed.

- This is a space where both worlds meet.       






A class specially tailored for dancers where we explore various tools, including, breathwork, spatial/sensorial awareness, and improvisational tools based on Chinese Martial Arts principles.

The term Gong fu (功夫), literally translated as man in labor, is used to describe high skill in any form. From the calligrapher to the farmer, anyone can have good Gong fu as long as there is hard work and dedication.  One can acquire high skill within martial art trough personal experiences and other practices. An interdisciplinary crossover which we explore in this class.

Gong fu Movement practice Lithuania
Gong fu movement practice



An improvisational movement class inspired

by the principles of the ''Wu Xing'' or ''Five Elements'' found in Chinese philosophy and medicine.   

The elements of Water, Earth, Fire Metal, and Wood not only have their own characteristics, but also interrelate to each other  trough a series of cycles. Cycles which we explore trough movement qualities within this improvisation practice.




A physical conditioning class inspired on traditional Shaolin and Modern Wushu practices. Improving overall flexibility, stamina and strength.

This program delves into traditional conditioning methods fused with contemporary conditioning techniques, fostering a full-body approach to physical training and is rooted in the enduring principles of Shaolin and Wushu practices.

Gong fu movement practice Haarlem
Dan Mihai Radulescu Wushu competition



This is a class on traditional and modern Chinese martial arts, covering the basics of the artform and creating a deeper understanding of the principles of Wushu.

Wushu is a Chinese martial arts discipline that is practiced in  both traditional and modern styles, is characterized as a sport that requires both physical and mental strength and has its focus on flexibility, balance, agility,​ and coordination. Wushu is a unique expression of Chinese culture and values.

All classes / workshops can be adapted to your specific needs and can be booked in the form of both group and private lessons. 

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